Along the Riverbank - Ivy Cafe, Llanrwst - Panoramic Canvas Wrap Triptych

  • £195.00

Tu Hwnt I'r Bont (or locally referred to as the 'Ivy Cafe') was originally built as a residential dwelling in 1480. Standing on the bank of the River Conwy, it has gone through several transformations over the years.
Once used as the local courthouse, it now serves as a traditional Welsh Tearoom and is a popular tourist attraction with visitors to the market town of Llanrwst.
The foliage on the Ivy clad building changes from green to vibrant red as the Summer comes to an end. Usually seen in early Autumn, this beautiful display doesn't last long.
This vibrant panorama along the riverbank at Llanrwst shows the stunning scenery that North Wales has to offer.
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Available as:
THREE Panels - All three panels measure 12x12" each - overall size 36x12"
THREE Panels - Two 16x18" end panels & One 20x18" centre panel - overall size 52x18" 
THREE Panels - All three panels measure 20x20" each - overall size 60x20"

A triptych, (pronounced 'trip-tick') is one image that has been divided into three sections. The sections are then hung next to each other to make up the full image.

Displaying an image as a 'multi panel' piece, provides a contemporary feel to any room and is a very effective and alternative method for displaying images (especially panoramas).